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AUSTIN ANGELS Founder and CEO Susan Ramirez is so passionate about the children in the foster care system. She started out just volunteering and loving on kids in the system and that transitioned to an organization that has now been nationally recognized. Austin Angels partners with families that are fostering, they are intentionally engaging in relationships with kiddos and family to show love and support. This is key because fostering a child can be so isolating and being a foster child is SO difficult. So imagine these kids who have been removed from their lives now in a new place but being loved on, supported, encouraged and given monthly gifts. As an adoptive mom and a friend to many foster mommas I ADORE this program!

Susan and I met in the spring at the RISE conference put on my Rachel Hollis. When Susan and I first started talking I felt like we just clicked and I was BEYOND THRILLED when she agreed to be on the podcast. I love that Susan followed her calling, I love that she is setting HUGE goals..Like a Austin Angels chapter in ever major City. I love big dreams and goals like that, and I do not believe it is too far fetched!

When I asked Susan her best tips for being a friend she gave some great advice: Praying for friends, texting, carving out intentional time with friends so we can be support and love on our friends

If you feel led to be make a Angel Ambassadors monthly giving commitment follow through! Don’t let today pass you by!!

OR if you feel led to start a chapter GOOO!! I am cheering you on friend!!

I just loved todays conversation. Susan is following the Lords leading and I am SO excited to see how He grows this work!

Links/ Recommendations

Here is the list of leaders Susan mentioned that she looks up to!






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Selfie - Amanda Shook

Check out this weeks episode!

Amanda Shook is a real life friend of mine. She lives in our shared hometown of Kenai Alaska and is just the sweetest. I know that I say that about every guest I have on, but they are all my friends and I don’t think I’d have friends that weren’t super sweet! ANYWAYS! Amanda is one of the first people I knew that started a “side hustle”.  I am so excited for you guys to hear how she started her Etsy shop, how it transitioned and what came of it. I think one thing I love the most about this episode is that Amanda didn’t just stay where she was, or with what she was doing. She shifted and she needed to. She stepped back when she wasn’t feeling her healthiest and she looked for an alternative path. I know that’s something I get stuck in…I started here and now I can never change!

I hope that you enjoy this conversation with Amanda, it really was just two friends sitting down and catching up on life.

ALSO, if you have any questions regarding oils, Young Living or anything along those lines I know that Amanda would be SO happy to help you!! You can send her a Message on Instagram or head to her website!



Links/ Recommendations

Think Dirty App is the app that tells you what Toxins are in our products and why they are bad for us.

Amanda along with every other person in the world is obsessed with THE GREATEST SHOWMAN and the soundtrack if you haven’t seen or heard this yet. STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND GO WATCH THE MOVIE RIGHT NOW!!! You will not be disappointed. In fact you will be mad at yourself that it took you so long to see such an AMAZING piece of art!

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32506F37-0F37-4262-A0D6-D8B79B5A8A3D - Jamie Landers

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Jamie this awesome woman of God. She is a preacher, teacher, minster, mom, wife and friend to just about everyone who meets her. She is sweet, sassy and sarcastic and just a stinking hoot to be around.

In the past two years Jamie has launched a book RICH FOR GOOD and then started a new ministry NO STRINGS ATTACHED. In this ministry her and her team go into the strip clubs in Tulsa Oklahoma to meet, make friends and share the gospel with strippers. Not to shame and condemn them but to actively show the women, bouncers, bar tenders and really anyone who will talk to them the love of Christ. It is not always easy or pretty but I am so excited by the work they are doing.

If you would like to hear more about Jamie and her mission check her out at


Links/ Recommendations

Jamie LOVES Ragamuffin Gospel by Brennan Manning

She totally recommends Rachel Hollis’ book Girl Wash Your Face

& you can buy Jamie’s book Rich For Good on Amazon


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Check Out This Episode Here

I loved talking to Casey. She is such a sweet and wise friend! Casey and her husband live their day to day lives with such purpose and in this episode she tells us all why. She is the mom to 6…yes SIX kiddos, all adopted and each so special.

I have LOVED watching her family grow and have been so inspired by their love for adoption and the marginalized. Dan and Casey started a ministry called CHRIST IN THE MARGINS where they are having very hard and real conversations with anyone and everyone.

Links/ Recommendations

Casey said she cannot recommend enough Brene Brown’s book BRAVING THE WILDERNESS. She also mentioned she loves D.L MAYFIELD

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Website OR Christ in the Margins




Casey Chappell


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Check out this episode PART 1

Check out Part 2 here!

This week you are in for a treat! First of all its a two part episode, because Jesse said it was a bad idea to put out an episode that was almost 2 hours longs. BUT I am SO excited for you to listen. Anna and I just couldn’t stop talking and like a true coffee time with my friends, we just lost track of time and kept chatting.

Anna is the author of THE POLYGAMIST DAUGHTER her real life story of being raised in a polygamist cult and how she broke free, found Christ and has found freedom in all of that. Anna is a mover and shaker and she dropped some TRUTH for us today. I really don’t think I’ll ever look at an apple seed the same way.

Anna is also known in the book world as a well known Book Launcher, and she tells us all about how that started and how her side hustle has become her main hustle. She is so persistent and strong and I am in awe of her.

I loved talking with her about EVERYTHING from counseling, to diet books, to CrossFit, Christ, books and everything in between. This was a TRUE Coffee Time with my friend and I hope you love it!

Links/ Recommendations

Levels of Change by Bob Hamp

Experiencing God by Henry Blackaby

Breaking Free and Believing God by Beth Moore

Sound of Gravel by Ruth Warnier

Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath is the show she said she was obsessed with and I am going to watch it soon!!















Alright…Here it is!

I am so excited to share my first BONUS episode, this one is all about my take aways from the RISE Women conference I went to earlier this month in LA. It was a GREAT event, and I really learned so so much! Some of the questions I answer in this episode are…

What is RISE?! What were my expectations going into it this year? What were my top 5 takeaways? Why did I go? What was my ONE word from the final day? Will I go next year?

So, friend…Grab your cup and lets find out!!


Rachel Hollis Hostess and Speaker and New York TIMES BEST SELLING AUTHOR

Dave Hollis Husband of the year, speaker and Ally

Toi Sweeney My girl Toi, Branding expert, style guru and my friend

Jen Hatmaker Author, Speaker, fun as can be! I love when I get to talk to her

Elyse Snipes her podcast Trailer Cast  Licensed therapist, podcaster, and SOLID speaker!

Mica May of May Designs I LOVE her story and her as a person! She is SO inspirational!

Landyn Hutchinson of Living With Landyn

Anna Todd New York Times Best Selling Author

Elizabeth Lascaze Manager at Deloitte Consulting


I really hope you enjoyed todays Bonus episode!

I hope that you heard my heart and want to keep chasing this dream with me!

And please share It’s Time For Coffee with a friend! The more the merrier!!

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I’ve Been Dreaming Some Big Dreams

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue it.”

-Walt Disney

I’ve been pretty quiet on the blog lately and there’s a really good reason. I’ve been keeping a secret and it’s hard to share your heart when you are holding things back. So friend, lean in…let me tell you some stories.


When I was a kid in school all my report cards came back, “Great student, but she Talks a lot”. It didn’t matter where I was moved in class I made friends everywhere. And then there was one time when I was technically an adult and I was at a store with one of my friends and I saw someone I knew so I stopped and chatted and then kept going. My friend chuckled and said, “You know everyone.” At that point I just assumed it was because I grew up in the area and it’s a small town. But that thought process changed when the same thing happened here in Texas, we hadn’t been here that long. So I think that debunked that theory and it had me thinking….I am a pretty friendly person, I enjoy making new friends, and keeping them and I don’t think I’ve ever met a stranger.

So the end of 2017 had me thinking…If I could do anything, dream big dreams, and have fun…what would I do?

Talk, and make new friends. Ok, well what does that look like…Blogging, I’ve gotten to talk and meet lots of new people. I love social media and have made some super awesome instagram friends. 

So what’s next?!



I am thrilled to announce the launch of my podcast…



My favorite time of the week is the time I get to sit with my friends over coffee, wine, margaritas….really any beverage will do, the company is what matters.

I love the time when I get to sit and listen, to encourage and build one another up. To hear about what they are doing in their lives, what happened in the past and how they are growing in the Lord in it. I want to hear it all. I want to be their cheerleader and there are times when I need a good cheerleader! So here is where IT’S TIME FOR COFFEE came in, I want to do this with new and old friends! I have already had the awesome opportunity of meeting new people that have changed my perspective. I hope that you will join me for the exciting launch of my Podcast, Monday April 2nd.. which just happens to be my birthday too!! But really it’s just the first monday of the month! I am so excited to share this with you! I have high hopes for this new adventure of mine and I cannot wait to introduce you to some new friends!

I started using the gym to Punish myself not Push myself…

Today as I write this it is Monday. As I got up and got ready for the gym this morning, I felt the weight of the weekend on me. I felt sluggish, heavy, and full. Over the weekend we had a family pizza night, tacos, and more tacos. All. The. Tacos. We had dinner and drinks with friends and while it was all super fun and much needed, I could tell this morning I had overdone it. None of these things are necessarily bad, but what is bad, is this: I was emotional all weekend. My heart was heavy so I ate and drank my feelings and in doing that, I over did it!

Walking into the gym this morning was pretty much the same as it is every morning, but today I had the added pressure of knowing that I over snacked, over dipped and over sipped all weekend, and that pressure was telling me that I needed to work harder, run faster and basically punish myself for my bad decision making. But that’s not the relationship I want to have with the gym.


Looking happy or pretty while lifting is NOT ALLOWED! Only serious CrossFitters here!

 Punishing my body doesn’t sound fun. It sounds hurtful, and full of shame. Here are reasons why I love going to the gym: I have awesome friends that I get to workout with. I can work hard and surprise myself with lifting heavy weights. I am a healthier and fitter me because of the gym. Going to the gym makes me happy, and as the ever famous Elle Woods once said, “Exercise gives you endorphines, endorphines make you happy, and happy people don’t kill their husbands. They just don’t!” Thank you Legally Blonde for always speaking truth to me!8f14ffc1ea8f3c41afafd5f8f724eee8--moment-quotes-movie-quotes

So as I finished my workout today I thought, “I don’t want to punish myself I want to push myself mentally.” How do we as women, moms, wives, and friends combat this feeling of punishment when we know we’ve slipped up?! Well, I am not a fitness blogger, and no one ever comes to me for this sort of advice so I went to someone who is smarter than me. Kelsey Flanagan is kind, wise, helpful and as sweet as can be. She is passionate in helping people in all walks of life to create a happier and healthier versions of themselves.

So here are Kelsey’s thoughts below…..

The relationship with most people and gyms can be unhealthy. But we can get in control of that.

How? Think about your relationship with food or anything you cling too. If you want to see a change you will first have to be AWARE of the emotion you have attached to that “thing” whether it’s gym, food, family, drugs, alcohol.  The first step is awareness.

Once you have recognized that – you then should ask yourself

“Why?” Why do I do what I do? Why do I love the gym? Why do I go to the gym? Once you have some reason and why you will start to see the pattern. Whether it’s because you feel good when you leave, you want to be stronger,  you get the spend time with your friends, you finally get an hour to yourself, or you want to work off the cupcakes you had. All of these reasons are pretty positive except that last one. So now, ask yourself  “Why do I do that to myself? What about that action don’t I like?”

It’s the question game. Ask until you finally root to the problem then come up with a solution. I have struggled with an unhealthy relationship with food so this speaks to me. I’ve taken these steps below to step back and recognize what I was actually doing. Try it out and see what you come up with.

Step 1. Awareness (Journal feelings & shifts you’d like to see and notice)

Step 2. Ask yourself open ended questions

Step 3. Recognize the root issues

Step 4. Come up with ideas for a solution

Step 5. Find 1 thing that can make your relationship with the gym just a little bit better.

Whether that is: Shifting your motivation more positive. –Giving yourself the permission to forget and forgive yourself for your actions. –Working hard everyday at the gym instead of those days you “need” to.  –Writing down your reasons why you go to the gym everyday. –Taking the time to be more mindful of the decisions and what caused them.

Understanding your WHY is something we often forget about. I’ve been doing more gratitude and asking myself, “why am I doing what I’m doing”, and “how is that working for me?” These 2 questions always lead me back to my Why. My Why is to have the energy to give the help, love, and ears people desire the most. The gym gives me energy it’s my happy place, but hasn’t always been.

Why do you go to the gym everyday or on the days you “should”? An hour to prove to yourself that you are strong, worthy, and amazing… Or. An hour to punish yourself for the decisions you’ve made… When you are aware of the different mindsets you will be able to distinguish a trend and become more aware. Appreciate your hour.

So now here I am really thinking through these things. I love going to the gym, because I know it makes me a healthier mom, a happier mom, but over all a happy and healthier me. I love the way the gym makes me feel. I feel stronger, happier, and even sexier when I go into the gym with the mentality of “getting to go” vs “having to go.” I don’t NEED to go to the gym, I get to go! I don’t NEED to punish my body. My body has already proven itself to me I am stronger than I think both mentally and physically. I like my body and sure I should watch what I eat and treat it kindly but I will now be mindful of my Whys and my actions!

I am just so thankful for Kelsey and her wisdom. She was so kind to sit with me and talk this out. As the weekends come I know that I will be thinking more and more about this and really examining my actions!

Kelsey can be found at Be Fitness Happy or you can email her at and while you are at it check her out on Instagram too Here!.

Alright friends, go be mindful and think about you WHYS, why are you stuffing that cupcake in your mouth? Why are you drinking that extra glass of wine? What about that extra mile or _____fill in the blank_____. If its not inline with your Why let’s ask some of those questions!