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AUSTIN ANGELS Founder and CEO Susan Ramirez is so passionate about the children in the foster care system. She started out just volunteering and loving on kids in the system and that transitioned to an organization that has now been nationally recognized. Austin Angels partners with families that are fostering, they are intentionally engaging in relationships with kiddos and family to show love and support. This is key because fostering a child can be so isolating and being a foster child is SO difficult. So imagine these kids who have been removed from their lives now in a new place but being loved on, supported, encouraged and given monthly gifts. As an adoptive mom and a friend to many foster mommas I ADORE this program!

Susan and I met in the spring at the RISE conference put on my Rachel Hollis. When Susan and I first started talking I felt like we just clicked and I was BEYOND THRILLED when she agreed to be on the podcast. I love that Susan followed her calling, I love that she is setting HUGE goals..Like a Austin Angels chapter in ever major City. I love big dreams and goals like that, and I do not believe it is too far fetched!

When I asked Susan her best tips for being a friend she gave some great advice: Praying for friends, texting, carving out intentional time with friends so we can be support and love on our friends

If you feel led to be make a Angel Ambassadors monthly giving commitment follow through! Don’t let today pass you by!!

OR if you feel led to start a chapter GOOO!! I am cheering you on friend!!

I just loved todays conversation. Susan is following the Lords leading and I am SO excited to see how He grows this work!

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Here is the list of leaders Susan mentioned that she looks up to!






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You can check out this episode here!

My new friend is Megan she is the founder of DEFINING YOUR TRUE an non profit that reminds girls and women of every age to love their bodies. This girl has her eyes set on helping others, cheering them on to love themselves right where they are. We talked a lot about her fitness journey and how it’s changed over the years.

Megan is young by so wise, she reminded me to take a step back and remember what all my body is capable of, and that I need to focus on celebrating my body instead of punishing it!

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Megan is loving HINT WATER

She’s re-reading REDEEMING LOVE by Francine Rivers

Megan is also loving her friend’s Jesus Rap check him out on instagram @tobenwige

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IT'S TIME FOR COFFEE-3author shot - Katie Ganshert

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Katie Ganshert is a wife and amazing mom to two sweet kiddos. I met her while we were both in the process of adopting our sweet daughters from the DRC in Africa. We each have a daughter with special needs and that is something we continue to bond over.

After I read some of her books I had a TOTAL fan girl moment…I KNEW HER and SHE WROTE THESE BOOKS!! It was a pretty dramatic moment in my head! Katie is so wise and kind and I love that she came on the show to tell us all about her latest book NO ONE EVER ASKED. Which I have read and will not stop talking about. I believe the conversations that will happen because of this book will be the catalyst so much change!

Katie is passionate about many things, one being super mindful of her daughter seeing people who look like her. I love how her family just recently sold their house and moved so they could be apart of a more diverse community and their heart behind it all is so pure.


Links/ Recommendations

Gosh, we talked about a a few different podcasts! Here they are for you to go search out:


Books: anything and everything by LIANE MORIARTY but our favorite by here is WHAT ALICE FORGOT and SMALL GREAT THINGS by JODI PICOULT 

You can find all of Katie’s books on AMAZON and I recommend them all!!

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Facebook @authorkatieganshert

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Check out this weeks episode!

Oh gosh, I am so excited for you to meet Sarah. She is Jesse’s cousin and I am so lucky to have married into her family. Jesse actually lived with Sarah and her husband, Matt, right after he graduated from high school, and we break down that time for you in this episode. Jesse (and I) LOVE this family so much. They really have taught us so much over the years and we look to them a lot as we raise kids.

Sarah tells of her husband’s cancer and how the Lord was at work within her family as they walked that scary season. And how Matt used every day to serve the Lord and bring joy to others.

Their family mantra was “WE WILL NOT WASTE THIS SEASON.”

Links/ Recommendations

Here are the two verses Sarah references:

3 JOHN 1:4 I have no greater joy than to hear my children are walking in truth.

PSALM 127:4-5 Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are children born in one’s youth. Blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them.

Sarah is obsessed with the show MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT

MOMS RAISING SONS TO BE MEN the book and this video from Focus on the Family.



And just for fun…Here is the picture of Jesse with Matt right after he surprised them!



Sarah Jarrett

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Alright…Here it is!

I am so excited to share my first BONUS episode, this one is all about my take aways from the RISE Women conference I went to earlier this month in LA. It was a GREAT event, and I really learned so so much! Some of the questions I answer in this episode are…

What is RISE?! What were my expectations going into it this year? What were my top 5 takeaways? Why did I go? What was my ONE word from the final day? Will I go next year?

So, friend…Grab your cup and lets find out!!


Rachel Hollis Hostess and Speaker and New York TIMES BEST SELLING AUTHOR

Dave Hollis Husband of the year, speaker and Ally

Toi Sweeney My girl Toi, Branding expert, style guru and my friend

Jen Hatmaker Author, Speaker, fun as can be! I love when I get to talk to her

Elyse Snipes her podcast Trailer Cast  Licensed therapist, podcaster, and SOLID speaker!

Mica May of May Designs I LOVE her story and her as a person! She is SO inspirational!

Landyn Hutchinson of Living With Landyn

Anna Todd New York Times Best Selling Author

Elizabeth Lascaze Manager at Deloitte Consulting


I really hope you enjoyed todays Bonus episode!

I hope that you heard my heart and want to keep chasing this dream with me!

And please share It’s Time For Coffee with a friend! The more the merrier!!

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Take in the scenery


I am not sure how one little stretch of road could mean so much to me! But this stretch, it gets me ever time!!

This stretch of road means so much to me. I can barely walk down it without tearing up. There are large pictures of adopted children and posters that say, “RUN FOR MORE” and “YOU DID IT”.

Why? Because at the end of this stretch is the finish line of a half marathon and 5K that benefits adoptive families. Chosen is the organization that puts it on and we ran with them for two years while in the process of adopting Zoe. These people became our friends, our support and really they became like our family. We are huge fans of Chosen in the way they have help us in the past and how they continue to lend their support to so many adoptive families!

Back when Chosen had a marathon (2013) I ran that with our team. Team Tapley Ever After had 15 or so people running for purpose, these friends trained with us and really put their money where their mouth was. Training (suffering) together is real love and there are many memories that I can recall fondly. This stretch of road signified the end of a MARATHON! 26.2 miles! The girls I ran the whole thing with slowed down a bit and allowed me (without my knowledge) to sprint this part out alone. Tears streaming down my face, it signified so much more than the finish of a race. It signified the finish of this incredibly difficult journey, and that my family wasn’t alone in it thanks to our family, friends and Chosen.


Team Tapley Ever After! Blood, sweat and tears and all the memories!


Just a few pics from the 2014 Chosen Race and those who ran for Tapley Ever After

The following year was a really tough time in our adoption process. Team Tapley Ever After showed up again, and this time with around 25 people supporting us and running with us! As I ran this stretch of road I began crying out to the Lord that we wouldn’t need to do this for our family again; that next year we could support a different family. Begging Him that next year at this race, Zoe would be home. It wasn’t as beautiful as the year before but it was desperation, asking Him to show me where the finish line would be. It would be 10 months later that Zoe finally arrived home.


2015 Tapley Family at the Chosen Race

And just two months after arriving home in America, Zoe stood at the finish line placing finisher medals around the necks of those having run for a cause much greater than themselves. It was in that moment surrounded by some of my amazingly sweet friends I realized how significant that was. We were finally on the other side of the finish line, and now it was our turn to cheer for those that we running that hard race, to support them as the finished, and to love them through their struggles.


Yesterday was the third year that Zoe was able to medal the finishers, and it never gets old. Seeing people cross the finish line is so incredible. They have just accomplished so much, some run in strong, proud of how they performed, some run in dog tired and beat up (that course is NO JOKE!), others run in full of emotion and my heart understands! The finish line of this particular race is really just an awesome and meaningful place.


Zoe giving a well deserved medal to a finisher! 2017 Chosen Race

Isn’t that us just day to day? Some days I finish and think “Wow I OWNED today! Really! Great Job Jeanette!!” Other days I barely finish the day awake because of how tired I am and then there are the days when I have just too many emotions to even function. I think more than anything this sweet stretch of road reminds me that I am not alone. God is lending His ever present ear to me, I have friends at the finish line cheering me on, reminding me that I am strong enough to finish well.

So my thought is this… How can we do this better? Can we look up from our own race, as tired as we may be, and encourage someone? YES! Can we see that they may be struggling and help them? YES! Can we even grasp that at the end of our race (or challenge) that we will be able to support someone is a whole new way? I Think YES!

So look up, and reach your hand to either be supported or be supportive. And while your eyes are up, take in the scenery it’s a beautiful world we live in!


One of my favorite views!